Exciting News for QuickBase

By now I am sure most of you have heard that Intuit is selling QuickBase to one of the oldest and most respected growth equity firms, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS). What you may not have heard is how fantastic this will be for QuickBase.

With our headquarters just down the street from QuickBase, we have a clear view into QuickBase operations. And what we see is all good news! WCAS has made certain to keep the existing QuickBase leadership team in place, everyone is happy and they are hiring like crazy to accelerate development efforts, all while making significant leaps in the power and reach of the product. 

You'll be hearing more about these improvements in the months to come. If you can get to the QuickBase Conference this May in Nashville (EMPOWER 2016) you will learn a lot. And don't forget to use our code - QBGPK8XM - to get $100 off your registration. Even if you can't make it, we are confident that you will be receiving email directly from QuickBase on a regular basis and will be witness to how the product changes over time.

If you have any questions or concerns about how these changes might affect you, please feel free to reach out to me or either of the two principals, Eric Segal or Steve Wishengrand and we will do everything we can to ensure you share our confidence moving forward! 

Hoping to see you at EMPOWER 2016!

Lisa Sullivan

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