Winner of 2016 & 2017
Winner of 2016 & 2017
QuickBase Solution Partner EXPAND MVP OF THE YEAR Award
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Data Collaborative is the longest standing QuickBase Partner. We can help you get the most out your application.
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We have more QuickBase Certified Developers than any other QuickBase Services Partner!
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QuickBase and You

QuickBase is a flexible web-based database. QuickBase is absolutely the fastest tool in the world for getting a database up and running. It's comprehensive set of tools takes care of web forms, reports, charts, data import and workflow in a matter of minutes -- instead of weeks.

At Data Collaborative, we've had a charmed life -- we've been working with QuickBase since it was invented in 1999. We've made a lot of people happy (over 200 clients last year alone!) and we'd love to add your company to the list. Learn more below, then give us a call at 781-777-1119 x1.

Easy to Use

Most people would no more try to build their own database than they would walk on the moon.

But QuickBase was designed from the ground up so that regular, non-geeky people can set up forms, reports and charts using a familiar, point-and-click interface.

Even Easier:  To make it even easier, we set up phone/screen share sessions with our clients who want to become experts themselves. You can watch us work, ask questions, and then you can make database changes yourself, while we watch and help you avoid pitfalls.


QuickBase is massively scalable. If you have a small company and you want to keep track of leads, you can be up and running in QuickBase with no problems. But QuickBase is also used by over half of the Fortune 500, including some massive applications we have designed for companies whose names adorn the bottom of this page.

It's great to store your data in the cloud because the cloud can grow with your business. If you grow from having a hundred customers to having a hundred thousand, there's no need to buy new servers or migrate to a larger system. QuickBase will grow with you.

And better yet, QuickBase is priced by the user, so you can add multiple systems (Project Managaement, HR, Knowledge Management) without affecting your budget.


There is no faster solution between you and your database solution than QuickBase. 

We create forms, reports and charts in minutes --not weeks. QuickBase's unique point-and-click interface means no coding, no debugging, and no worries about hosting. Our clients often have a usable database within days of their first call to us.

And we've worked in every sector under the sun, so when you talk with us about your industry, we don't waste time by having to come up to speed. Whether it is health care, construction, manufacturing, non-profits, government or a hundred more, we have worked in your industry and we hit the ground running.

Data Security

There's no getting around it -- we're all worried about our data security. But none of our QuickBase clients has ever told us they had an unauthorized incursion into their QuickBase data. All data is transmitted securely, and you can set up different levels of data access for different people in your organization.

QuickBase is even certified to provide HIPAA level security for private medical information.

Intuit (the owner of QuickBase) does after all help hundreds of millions of people do their taxes every year. They know how to keep data safe!


About us

We're a dedicated group of technology pros who develop mission-critical software solutions to enter, store and analyze data. And we've been consulting for QuickBase users since QuickBase was invented.

We come from a wide range of backgrounds -- real estate, non-profits, hospitality, and more (not to mention our staff also includes a veteranarian, a master gardener and a motorcycle racer).

We develop custom database solutions.  We specialize in QuickBase development, QuickBase consulting, integrating QuickBase with QuickBooks, and Web Portals.  Most of what our clients ask us to support them on is custom, but we can whip up a basic QuickBase application in no time!

Our expertise also includes: Salesforce, Zoho, PHP, MS Access, .net, and more. We've grown steadily since 1999 and now serve clients all over the United States, Canada and increasingly Europe, Asia and Central and South America.

We believe in providing exceptional database services that allow our clients to effortlessly store, manage and report on the vital details that make their organization successful.

  • We work to understand our client’s business, by both bringing the knowledge we have amassed from our work with over 500 clients, and our understanding that every client is unique.
  • We work to cultivate long term relationships with our clients who rely on us and trust us to meet their database needs.
  • When desired, we work to empower our clients to meet their own database needs.

We also believe in providing an excellent and enjoyable working environment for our amazingly talented team, all of whom have important lives outside of work and contribute toward equality, justice and responsible economic stewardship in the world.