Insight for QuickBase

The Application Documenter Tool

Insight for QuickBase is the first automated application documentation system that can be installed in your own QuickBase account. Inexpensive and easy-to-use, Insight For QuickBase allows developers and application administrators to document the purpose and interrelationships of fields both when they're building the application and as it gets modified over time. Having accurate, up-to-date documentation within the QuickBase application helps minimize errors when making application changes that involve a large number of interrelated fields. It also makes it easier to train new users.

Other benefits include:

  • Address Sarbox application audit questions quickly and easily
  • Helps you accurately predict the size of complex, data-heavy applications
  • Maintain a high level of security because it is installed within your QuickBase Realm

This video outlines these features in greater detail:

Insight For QuickBase: The Application Documenter Tool from The Data Collaborative on Vimeo.