Canvas: QuickBooks Forms on Your Smartphone!

Mobile Productivity for QuickBooks Data

Does your team use paper forms in the field to record Estimates, Time Cards, Sales Orders or Invoices? Then start using your smartphone for more than just phone calls. Let your phone be a data entry tool to automate your workforce! Data Collaborative's Canvas QuickBooks Connector will save you time, increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and stop duplicate data entry. Using QuickBooks and an application that runs on your smartphone, the Canvas QuickBooks Connector builds a bridge between your field team and the back office.

Save money by eliminating paper forms — use your Blackberry®, Android™, Windows® Mobile, iPhone® or iPad™ instead. Smart apps for smartphones allow you to include digital signature capture, scan bar codes, and even add photos to your everyday business forms. Then let the Connector do the rest of the work for you — seamlessly transferring the data into your QuickBooks company file. You can even email copies of the form to your client!

The Connector supports Sales OrdersEstimates, Invoices, and Timecards  — and more forms coming soon.

How We Do It


Data Collaborative has teamed with Canvas Solutions, Inc., who makes it easy to publish data collection apps on wireless smartphones and other mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, bar code scanners, and netbooks. Canvas' technology reduces paper consumption, redundant data entry, and excess processes for businesses and mobile professionals. The Canvas software service enables mobile professionals to collect and enter information using mobile devices, analyze that data on the Canvas web site, and share information across your business community. You can pay for Canvas by the month, year or per transaction. Make paper forms a thing of the past!

Don't Stop with QuickBooks

Not all your data needs to go into QuickBooks. Canvas makes it easy to design forms to capture your organization's data and take your workforce mobile! Find apps in the Canvas App Store or build your own in minutes — or let Data Collaborative help you create your own forms. We can also build you a custom Connector to transfer data from your own forms into QuickBooks and Intuit's online QuickBase database.

The Data Collaborative has been offering custom data solutions for desktop and the web since 1999. Combining our knowledge of QuickBooks integration with Canvas Smartphone applications allows for best of breed functionality and diverse smartphone compatibility.

Pricing Information

For Your Company -- One-time setup fee for your company's DC Canvas QuickBooks Connector $250; Form connector (per form) $100.

For Your Staff -- The DC Canvas QuickBooks Connector requires a Canvas subscription for each mobile user.

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